Friday, 03 May 2019
03rd of May 2019: Helping in rescue of migrants from Niger Republic at Kaouar valley in the Tenéré desert

image sauvetage Lataiimage sauvetage Latai 2Image sauvetage Latai 3


Abba, a member of the Alarme Phone Sahara whistleblowers team from the village of Latai at Kaouar valley in the Tenéré desert, has helped to rescue 28 migrants from Niger Republic, among them one woman and one little girl. The 28 persons, who were on their way in direction of Libya, had got stuck in the desert due to a breakdown of their car at 62km between the villages of Achinouma and Latai. The member of the APS team offered water and food to the people in distress. The driver continued the journey in direction of Libya together with his passengers after fixing the vehicule.