Friday, 20 September 2019
Assamaka: Arrival of 350 persons deported from Algeria on 20th of September 2019

According to the report by Ibrahim François, Alert Launcher of  Alarme Phone Sahara in Ingall who was staying in Assamaka at that time, a total of 350 people deported from Algeria into the desert on the Niger border arrived in Assamaka on 20th of September 2019.

All of them were transported to Arlit according to information received by Ibrahim François.


According to available information, the persons who were deported come from the countries of origin as follows:

Mali: 104; Guinea Conakry: 70; Guinea Bissau: 03; Nigeria: 36; Burkina Faso: 24; Gambia: 13; Senegal: 11; Nepal: 01; Cameroon: 28; Congo Brazzaville: 01; Sierra Leone: 10; Niger: 03; Benin: 04; Mauritania: 06; Togo: 03; Republic of Ivory Coast: 19; Liberia: 02; Bangladesh: 11; Ghana: 01.

Alarme Phone Sahara condemns the mass deportations of people of multiple African and even non-African nationalities that continue to be carried out from Algeria to the border of Niger in the desert, encouraged by the migration control system created by the European Union states.