Thursday, 07 March 2019
Demonstration in Niamey

According to reports from Niger from 5th of March, Somalian, Ethipian and Eritrean refugees, who were pushed back or evacuated from Libya, held a demonstration in Niamey, the capital of Niger Republic. According to the reports, these people had applied for asylum, but see themselves in a situation where they are blocked in Niger, and protested against the way their cases are treated by the UNHCR and the state of Niger, calling for a solution. According to the reports, the police of Niger dispersed the protest using tear gas.

This situation is happening in a context where European states are searching for "externalising" the treatment of the cases of refugees fleeing wars and persecution like in countries of East Africa to countries far from European borders. The state of Niger is presently serving as a model for externalising the asylum system towards outside Europe, receiving considerable funds from the EU member states.

The more it is important not to close the eyes towards the destiny of refugees who are presently blocked in Niger under these policies of externalisation of border regime and asylum system.