Wednesday, 23 December 2020
Donation request message for the collective kitchen


- Human mobility does not necessarily mean despair.
- Mobility from a point of departure to a destination depends on several factors.
- Mobility is not limited to a single continent or country.
- Mobility is not the result of a single region, ethnicity, race, age, religion.
- Nor does mobility emanate from a single gender in isolation.
- Human mobility is a phenomenon that dates back to the dawn of time.
- State boundaries are a consequence of the human desire to move.
- Obstructing human mobility is an attack on freedom.
- Plague, leprosy, measles, AIDS, EBOLA fever, malaria and corona are enemies of the human race.
- These diseases have made headlines and are disrupting the world order today.
- But the rich suffer less from their consequences than the poor.
- The poor, the oppressed, women, children and youth are the main victims of this global imbalance.
- Many of them are paying the costs of ruthless policies.
- They are many without shelter, without clothes, without water, without health care, in a word, without the right to well-being.
- Many are forced to live far from their loved ones because of the diktat of externalizing borders.
- They are many who beg to survive.
- They are many who are blocked in Agadez because of Covid-19.

In the face of these indicators of injustice, Alarm Phone Sahara (APS) provides a practical response by giving a few people the chance to eat their fill at least once a week through the offer of a collective kitchen.
APS sensitizes, documents and brings relief to the victims of the anti-migration policy.

Make a donation to ensure the continuity of the activity!