Tuesday, 23 August 2022
Solidarity video for Sierra Leonean refugee protest camp in Munich

Alarme Phone Sahara publishes this video in solidarity with the Sierra Leonean refugee protest camp in #Munich in Bavaria/Germany.


In #Munich Sierra Leonean refugees have been protesting since 18th of October 2021 against the Bavarian authorities' plan to deport them. The Bavarian authorities are seeking traveling documents from the Sierra Leonean authorities, among other things through so-called identification hearings. The protest has so far succeeded in preventing the Bavarian authorities from implementing their plans to deport many people to Sierra Leone as planned. 


However, the authorities have so far categorically refused to give the people concerned legal residence and thus access to work and future prospects.

The struggle of Sierra Leonean refugees against deportation and for the right to stay therefore needs strong solidarity.


Last but not least, as Alarme Phone Sahara, we would like to remind you that there are also many refugees from Sierra Leone among those who are travelling in life-threatening conditions on the Sahel-Sahara routes, who are stuck in precarious conditions in places like Agadez in Niger, and who have often been deported from Algeria to Niger under brutal conditions.


A delegation of Alarme Phone Sahara visited the Sierra Leonean refugees in Munich on 26th of June at their protest camp and we want to express our solidarity with their struggle.



Sierra Leone Refugees

Bavarian Refugee Coucil (Bayerischer Flüchtlingsrat)