Friday, 07 April 2023

On Monday, March 27, a terrible arson at the facilities of the Mexican National Migration Institute (INM), caused the death of 39 migrants, mainly Central Americans, who had been locked in one of the cells after being detained in the streets to clean up the downtown area of Ciudad Juarez. The migrants killed by fire were part of more than 60 migrants arrested by municipal authorities with the support of the National Guard and INM officials as part of an operation against the thousands of migrants at the border trying to enter the United States. This tragedy was provoked by a criminal combination of the anti-immigrant policies of Joe Biden's administration, the anti-immigrant war unleashed by right-wing governments such as Greg Abbott's Texas government, the actions of fascist supremacist groups on the border, the submissive collaboration of the Mexican government at all levels, as well as the involvement of organized crime dedicated to human smuggling and human trafficking, mainly women, the latter enjoying a climate of impunity due to the corruption of the authorities that should protect the rights of migrants and refugees. It is this criminal mix that has given rise to these operations, which have caused the death of 39 human beings, now added to the long list of blood that bathes the borders between the South and the North. These operations are part of an agreement imposed on the Mexican government by the United States to contain the emigration of thousands of human beings desperate to escape the violence and economic hardship they suffer in their countries of origin. This is a real war, which includes the governments of Mexico and the United States, under a strategy of militarization, repression and violation of human rights resulting from the so-called Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration signed by governments in Marrakech, Morocco, on December 10, 2018. This pact, which continues to cause repression and death of migrants at borders across the planet, is basically a pact under which the South submits to the racist, xenophobic, and anti-immigrant policy of the North. The result is thousands of deaths, disappearances, kidnappings, violent attacks, and imprisonment of human beings in concentration camps, including children separated from their parents, from Melilla to Ciudad Juarez. La Via Campesina strongly opposed this Global Compact because it excluded the issue of human rights of migrants and refugees and has proposed a Global Compact of Solidarity with Migrants and Refugees. We call on societies, social movements, and all people of good will, both North and South, to join this Global Solidarity Pact in defense of the lives and human rights of all migrants and refugees everywhere. It is time to end the indifference towards the tragedy of migration. It is time to act, with forceful actions, in defense of migrants and refugees to honor the memory of the 39 dead migrants and all those who have lost their lives for the mere fact of resisting to their disappearance and discarding as human beings, as women, peasants, youth and children. IN THE FACE OF THE TRAGEDY OF CIUDAD JUAREZ, CONCRETE ACTIONS AND UNITY OF ACTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE LIVES AND HUMAN RIGHTS OF MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES! STOP THE WAR OF THE UNITED STATES, MEXICO AND ALL COUNTRIES AGAINST MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES! GLOBALIZE THE STRUGGLE, GLOBALIZE HOPE! 

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