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Monday, 11 March 2019
Bad news from Morocco

At 6 o' clock in the morning of 11th of March, Morrocan authorities carried out house raids in the city of Oujda in neigbourhoods where migrants are living.

According to the authorities, 81 migrants, called "candidates for clandestine migration" are in custody at the police station of Oujda. The people concerned are from different countries of subsaharean Africa, among them, according to the authorities, 26 women and 7 minors. Among others, there is one anglophone family - a woman and a man with their two kids. There are also people who have been arrested although they have residency cards in Morocco.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019
Protest by Sudanese Refugees in Agadez / Niger!

According to a report on RFI (Radio France Internationale), Sudanese refugees, who are blocked in the desert of Agadez in a camp run by UNHCR, are protesting against their situation. According to RFI, they are demanding an acceleration of the treatment of their asylum appllications.